A Brief History

St. Annie AME Church

The church was organized in the early nineteen hundreds. Church services were held in a three-room house located on the south side of the street in the four hundred block of West Annie. At that time the pastor was Rev. J. A. Smith and the trustees were Bro. L. P. White, Bro. Wyley, and Bro. R. S. Stanley. The church later moved to a lot on the north side of Annie Street in the same block. The church worshipped in a tent for a period of time. The minister and officers, along with the members, decided to purchase a lot in the two hundred block of Annie Street. A wooden structure was erected at the corner of Annie and Newton Street. The edifice of the building stand at this location today. The first cornerstone for the church was laid in 1915.

The parsonage was built in 1944 under the administration of Rev. V. T. Herron. Under the administration of Rev. A. L. Brown, the church and parsonage were enlarged. A small fellowship hall was built downstairs at the church and a second cornerstone was laid in 1960. Under the administration of Rev. B. J. Satterwhite, the parsonage was renovated, air conditioning was installed in the church, and the church was carpeted. Under Rev. Elliot Lyon’s administration the public address system was installed and the parsonage was furnished. The present church building was remodeled in 1982 under the administrion of Rev. H. P. Smith. Rev. S. E. Braziel started the church office in one room of the parsonage during his administration in 1983-84.

The church began the purchase of the lot next door on Newton Street and the parsonage was converted to the Fellowship Hall and Education Building. The church office was also moved to the basement of the church during the administration of Rev. E. H. Millett from 1984 until his death in 1988. One room of the Fellowship Hall was furnished for the pastor’s study for Rev. M. S. Hodds. The sanctuary was refurbished and all new furnishings were installed during his administration. During the administration of Rev. G. L. Mays in 1989-90 the parking lot and the furniture were paid off.

The church continued to move forward under the pastorate of Rev. R. D. Sanders. A new electric piano and new organ, complete with a Lesley speaker was installed; and new drums were added. The walls were removed to enlarge the choir loft, a new altar was built, and carpeting was installed throughout the church. A ramp was added outside to make the church more accessible. Rev. Sander was reassigned to another church in May 1996.

Our current pastor, Rev. Derwin D. Gipson, started our current building fund upon his arrival, and through your continued support and prayers, and the help of the Lord we have completely remodeled the interior of the fellowship hall, new roof, new floors, expanded rooms, and new electrical wiring and fixtures. We have also remodeled the interior of the church office. We thank our almighty God for these blessings!

We continue to hold to our plans to build a new larger church facility! Your continued prayers and support are deeply appreciated.

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