Calendar of Events

St. Annie AME Church

April 2019

April 20 Fish Dinner Sale
April 21, 7am Easter Sunrise Service, Grant AMEWC, Austin
April 28 Woman's Day (WMS Annual)

May 2019

May 15 Annual TenthFuture, Inc. Golf Tournament
May 16–18 Spring Convocation, Waco

June 2019

June 24–26 General Board and Bishops Council meeting, Birmingham, AL
June 30–July 4 Lay Bi-Annual Convention, Settle, WA

July 2019

July 23–23 YPD/ WMS Quadrennial Convention, Columbus, OH

August 2019

August 12–23 10th District Office Closed

September 2019

September 4–7 NW Texas Annual Conference, Anderson Chapel, Killeen
September 18–21 North Texas Annual Conference, Bethel AMEC, Dallas

October 2019

October 2–5 SW Texas Annual Conference, Bethel/Emmanuel AMEC, San Antonio
October 16–19 Texas Annual Conference, Wesley Chapel AMEC, Houston

November 2019

November 7–9 Planning Meeting, Houston, TX
November 21–23 SELAH Leadership Encounter, Dallas, TX

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